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Written by Opulence Hair


Posted on August 19 2020

Hello beauties! 

Who else loves a fast, easy, and stylish hairdo that is for sure getting you through your day. Monday - Sunday, you choose! Here are our 3 top hairstyles that are guaranteed to last all day and you can do them in under 10 minutes!!

#1: Cute Space Buns

So fast and so cute... 4 step process, seems easy right?

Products needed:
Hairspray (of choice)
Bobby Pins (the more, the better)
2 Hair Ties 
Brush & Comb

Step 1 - part that hair girl, wherever you prefer. 

You'll need to part the hair in two sections, almost like you're gonna braid your hair on both sides. 

Step 2 - Comb all of your hair upward on each side.
Whether you have a brush or comb - brush the hair upward on each side and form one ponytail on each side at the top of your head. Keep in mind, this is your hair, you do what you want! If you want it up higher or lower, girl you do it. 

Step 3 - Take that comb and poof that tail up. 
Give them buns some volume! This helps when you wrap the hair around to form the cute bun... you'll see in a minute. 

Step 4 - Wrap hair to a bun & bobby pin them up.
Most important step - You make them as cute as you want! Add extra or less poof, add more hairspray, maybe less bobby pins? you do it. Bobby pins will help the buns stay in properly all day without falling out. The more you use the more secure the buns will be.


A few extra tips on making them super stylish -
Pull out them bangs,
Pull and scrunch out the top to make your hair more comfortable
Pull out some baby hairs.



#2: The Half Up, Half Down

One of the most trendy hairstyles in the media today! And you can do so much with it. 

Products needed:
Hairspray (of choice)
Bobby Pins 
1 Hair Tie 

Step 1- Part your hair top half to bottom half. 
Take your comb and run it diagonal from the top of your ear up to the top of your head. Add more or less, depending on your preference.

Step 2- Take the top half and put it in a ponytail.
Lightly pull out some strands from your sides, maybe scrunch some, just make it comfortable! Take the top section and just put it up in a high pony. 

Step 3- Take the pony and poof with a comb and form a bun.
Poof is for volume - if you're looking for a flatter not so messy bun, no need to poof. Pin up the bun with your bobby pins.

Step 4- Can't forget about the bottom half.
Not done quite yet... You can curl, crimp, or straighten those bottom half hair pieces for an added ready look. Won't take as long either! And then you're done!





#3: The Low Messy Bun

I'm not gonna lie, this is my GO-TO when styling my hair. I style with this one at least 2-3 times a week. You guys... this is so cute and SO easy. And the best part, is it only takes under 5 minutes!!

Products needed:
Hairspray (of choice)
Bobby Pins 
1 Hair Tie 

Step 1- Brush hair to the back and put into a low whale-tail ponytail.
Most important step here... is to make sure you don't pull the hair all the way through the last tie. Most frequently, this type of hairstyle is known as the "whale-tail".

Step 2- Take a piece of the hair, and wrap around ponytail. (optional)
This will make it more stylish- if you're not going for that look, that is totally up to you!! This step is optional. (See Picture) 

Step 3- Pin as you please.

Grab some bobby pins if you'd like, and set in place. & you're done!


If you've made it to the end, you're even more amazing!!! 

Also, if you'd like us to cover a particular topic that we haven't touched on yet, let us know here

We would LOVE your input. 

XOXO, Opulence