Ever wondered what hair extensions are or why people get them? Why people would pay the money for them? That is a good question that we will cover in this blog. Grab your favorite blanket, tie that hair up, sit back and relax.

Hair Extensions are by far the closest to being first in the trendiest of all things for women on the market today!

Not only do they give you the fullness and color that you've always dreamed of but the length you never thought possible. In this blog we will cover each reason WE think you'd love hair extensions.   


Want longer hair? Does your hair not grow as fast as you want it to? If YES, then extensions might be the perfect thing for you! We put this one first because length alongside volume are the main reasons for getting hair extensions. Who doesn't love instant long hair! Our hair extensions come in three different lengths - 

18'' Straight

20'' Wavy 

22'' Straight


There is so many different colors to choose from when it comes to finding your perfect extensions. Swatches are available to help give you an idea on what color best fits your style. Just like with paint, with one single color, comes 100+ different swatches ranging from brighter or darker of that particular color. (i.e Color: Blonde - brightest to darkest colors of blonde) (See our color chart for reference)

Feeling festive? Feeling like some color but not permanent? Add a few 3 inch clip-ins and you're ready to go! It is that EASY and so fun!

Not sure on what color? Ask your stylist or give us a call. We would be happy to assist you with finding your perfect swatch!


Hair extensions for sure make styling more interesting and beautiful! With the color, length, volume, etc. - you can turn any bun, braid, or pony into a masterpiece!

I promise you when I say this, it takes very little extensions to make your hair dreams achievable! 


Girl... have you seen the fullness that extensions give your hair? Volume is probably one of the MAIN reasons girls get hair extensions put into their hair. If you have thin, brittle, or weak hair that just does not grow past your shoulders, you know extensions will be your savior.

You don't have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to achieve the look that most want... here at Opulence we strive to keep our customers happy and inlove with their locks. We offer a wide range of hair extensions that gives you plenty of options to choose from. Our hair extensions are Salon Quality but at an affordable price! 


Now this one depends on the method used to put extensions in. With that, any method that doesn't require heat, glue, or dye is the least damaging. Clip-ins and halos are known to be the less damaging for the said reasons above.

Now here's the thing, with any method of extensions, if you keep up on your hair and take care of the extensions, they will take care of you. Meaning, any of them will and CAN be less damaging if YOU take care of them properly.

We provide Hair Care instructions on the back of every hair extension pack - that way you know just what you need to do when you receive them.


 Thats a wrap on todays topic! If you're reading this right now, thanks so much for reading to this point!

I hope this helped you or someone you know decide if hair extensions are right for you! 

Let us know at info@opulencehair.com if you want us to touch on a certain topic. We are always open for suggestions!!

XOXO, Opulence 


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