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Written by Opulence Hair


Posted on August 28 2020

Hello hair babes! 

To start off...

We all know that we find ourselves asking google for help on fixing our hair. Dozens of articles, hundreds of products, we know. That's why we have done our research and tested these particular products to see the results... and lets just say.. we swear by just about every one of them. 

Going to the salon and spending hundreds of dollars on fixing your hair is one thing... but finding the right product(s) is another. Beauty is not cheap - invest in your hair. You may as well spend the few extra dollars for the best quality product than trying to save on the cheap stuff. 

We promise, you wont regret it - your hair needs it.

"Invest in your hair, it's a crown you never take off."

Whether it be for dry hair, for smoother hair, volumized hair, oil/grease control, we have our Top 3 Salon Quality products per occurrence, that will leave your hair feeling the best it's ever been!

 *Pricing is an estimate, may be more or less.


Formula 18 - Leave-In Conditioner: $20+

RedKen - Extreme Shampoo: $20+

 ion Smooth - Smoothing Balm: $10+


Not Your Mother's - Curl Talk Mousse: $8+

Bumble & Bumble - Fragrance Oil: $30+

Moroccan Oil - Hair Oil Treatment: $44+



RedKen - High Rise Volume: $25+

Big Sexy Hair - Powder Play: $20+

Not your Mother's - Dry Shampoo: $10+



Matrix Biolage - 3 Butter Control: $25+

Shea Moisture Restore Masque: $20+

Shea Moisture - Protein Treatment: $10+



BioSilk - Leave-In- Conditioner: $15+

eva-nye. - 10-In-1 Primer: $12+

Biolage Matrix - Hydrating Shampoo: $20+



R+Co. - Root Touch-Up Spray$15+

Perfect Hair Day - Hair Body Builder: $12+

amika: - Dry Shampoo: $20+