Can you believe that 2020 is almost over... thank goodness, am I right!

To start off, we are SO excited for 2021 - 

Stay tuned for new product launches, inventory restock, giveaways & MORE!

On another note... let's get right into it,

Extensions can be a girl's best friend because they are there for you in your time of need. Whether you're looking to lengthen or volumize your hair - extensions are just the thing! Not only are hair extensions the trendiest of them all but they are also an amazing way to boost your confidence with your hair. 

Depending on the method of extensions, they can get pretty pricey. But that's what WE are here for! We offer a large variety of over 33+ colors in bond, bead, tape, synthetic clip, weft, clip, etc. 

Three different lengths: 18", 20", 22" 

Two styles: Straight & Wavy (20" Only)

We know that we have something for you!!

To ensure that your extensions last longer, taking care of them is a must. There is a few things you may wanna know before you get extensions, or if you have them already, just so you can keep them lasting longer and fuller!

Lets start with the DONT's first....

  1. DON’T sleep on WET extensions, ever.
  2. DON’T over condition the base of your extensions.
  3. DON’T brush without holding extensions at base of hair. 
  4. DON’T use heat near the extension pieces.
  5. DON’T over use chemicals (i.e hairspray) on your hair.
  6. DON’T color your extensions at home.
  7. DON’T miss your DAILY brush/comb through.
  8. DON’T let your extensions get greasy and dirty!

It is very important to remember these 8 DONT's when getting hair extensions because it will ruin or wear on your hair if you do not upkeep with it. 

Now for the DO's:

  1. DO brush your hair DAILY!
  2. DO wash your hair regularly to keep them clean.
  3. DO use heat to curl or straighten.
  4. DO use HEAT PROTECTANT on extensions. 
  5. DO avoid salty or chlorinated water.
  6. DO color your extensions with your hairdresser.
  7. DO take breaks on your hair.

Im gonna say this one more time, DO brush your extensions DAILY - this keeps the hair free of tangles and most definitely you free of a nasty headache. AND use heat protectants as MUCH as possible. They really do help the life of your extensions and will save you so much money in the long run. 


If you made it this far, thank you so much!!

We will cover these in a more detailed fashion in future blogs but for now we just want to keep it short. 

If there is something you want us to cover, be sure to let us know here.

XOXO, Opulence 


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