Q: What are tape-ins?
A: Tape-Ins are the trendiest hair extensions on the market today. They are roughly an inch and a half wide and they tape into the roots of your hair with sandwich like bonds. One of the easiest types of hair extensions.

Q: How many packs do I need?
A: Depending on how thick or thin you hair is-

Thick: 40-60 pcs
Thin: 20-30 pcs

Be sure to ask your stylist before purchasing. They should be able to tell you how many will fill your hair. Each Tape-In pack from Opulence includes 10 pieces/ 5 sandwiches. See below for product resources.

Q: Can I color them?
A: Yes, they are like any other hair extension just a different installation. They are 100% Human Hair, so they should color the same as natural hair.

For the best results to keep the extensions healthy, be sure to only color them darker not lighter. 

Q: Can I use heat & will they damage my hair?
A: No, if they are applied correctly you shouldn’t have to worry about them damaging your hair. These extensions are 100% natural and do not require any heat to place into hair. When using heat on your extensions be sure to use a heat protectant and NEVER put direct heat on the tape tabs. 

Q: Are these reusable?
A: YES, this is the best part! They do need to be refitted every so 8 weeks after installation. But if they do not look damaged they should be fine to reapply into the hair to be used again and again.

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18" Tape-In #4 (Choc. Brown) - Click here

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