Want longer lasting tape-ins or not sure how to properly care for them? You're in the right place!

Tape-in Extensions are pretty common as they are one of the easiest and not so time consuming to install. Not sure what tape-ins are?

Tape-Ins are the trendiest hair extensions on the market today. They are roughly an inch and a half wide and they tape into the roots of your hair with sandwich like bonds. 

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To start off, one of the MAJOR things you always need to know when it comes to longer lasting extensions is-

1. ALWAYS brush your extensions: At least 2 times a day, and more if you'd like for better results. Extensions tend to tangle very easy and when brushing tangles it pull from the extensions causing breakage, pain, tenderness, etc. Always always brush your extension!

2. Brush before showering: This helps prevent further tangling after washing. Now with extensions, you wouldn't normally wash your hair like you would without extensions in. You have to be a little bit more gentle with Tape-Ins. There is many different types of hair extensions, but key word (different) may also mean different washing, caring methods, etc. 

3. Avoid Shampooing the tape strips: This is kind of common sense.. you definitely dont want to pour the shampoo right on the strips. You can still use shampoo however you'd like! Just try to avoid directly on the strips as the suds with erode the adhesive on the strips.

4. Never heat the strips: When getting ready for the day, whether you straighten or curl your hair, its common that we start from roots down to tip of hair. With that, you do not want to apply direct heat on the tape tabs. Now, some may ask "will it ruin the tape"- Yes it will ruin the tape tabs and may even make it harder to remove the extensions from your roots. To be safe, dont apply direct heat to the strips. 

5. NEVER sleep on wet extensions: Last but not least! This tip will for sure save you from a blistering headache in the morning getting those tangles out. Not just with tape-ins but ALL extensions apply to this. This will damage your extensions and they will not last as long as you would like them to. 

 If you're reading this.. you got through all of this blog in a breeze! We hope this helped you understand, if you didn't already, the 5 major tips on helping your Tape-Ins last longer. 

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