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About Opulence Hair Extensions

Hi! We are Sara Sanders & Lindsey Nulph. We have been brought into the ownership of Opulence! We are both hair dressers and have been working in hair for over 15 years! We understand the ins and outs of hair, the chair, and the joy and challenges of being a hair dresser. 


Hi friends I’m Lindsey Nulph. I grew up in a small town, Preston, Idaho. You might’ve heard of it after I give you one hint….Napoleon Dynamite. Right out of High School at 17 and off the Napoleon set😉 I went to Idaho State University’s Cosmetology Program. Most people enjoy a High School reunion…I want a beauty school one! It was so fun!! My favorite thing in the world is being a mom to two amazing children. I love running and hope to do my 3rd marathon soon. I love all things self development and always learning. Caffeine is a major weakness. Camping, boating, snowmobiling and being out in nature are my happy places ❤️.

This is where Sara (the cute blonde in the photos) and I began a friendship that is truly a unique one. She set me up with the love of my life, I’m forever indebted to her!

Hi! My name is Sara Sanders. I was born and raised in Idaho Falls, ID. I always new as a little girl I wanted to be in the beauty industry. I Graduated high school at 17 and went on to college at Idaho State University where I attended cosmetology school. I met two of the most important people in my life here! My husband who I have been married to for 15 years. He is my rock, my biggest fan and is always supporting me in all that I do. Together we have 3 children. My greatest accomplishment is my kids and being a mom and wife! We are a very outgoing family. We love camping, boating, skiing, snow machining and just being outdoor in general! I love being around friends and family. I am very extroverted and always looking for fun!

We’ve seen each other through the initial scary days of being a fresh hairdressers right out of school. Trying to build clients and confidence. Through having babies and juggling work life and kids. In 2018, we opened our own salon in Idaho Falls and just started our newest venture with Opulence Hair Extensions Co. I know that we can bring a experienced cosmetologist view of what our industry is like. We’ve done hair for 15 years and honestly we are HARD WORKERS! We love our clients! We truly believe hairdressers undervalue themselves and what they bring and give to their customers. Who else is able to develop such a deep level of friendship and trust with their clients? We talk, touch and regularly catch up and give our customers a place to unload about their lives. We LOVE giving someone confidence and helping them feel beautiful in their own skin. This makes my soul happy. I’m so excited to help and provide my knowledge and experience to Opulence and all of its customers!!!

  Hair extensions work magic like few other beauty products or accessories can, transforming your appearance as well as your confidence. Opulence Hair Extensions specializes in providing the finest salon-quality extensions, integration tools and accessories, and the most responsive customer service in the industry. We offer an extensive selection of custom-blended colors, designed to blend seamlessly with almost any hair color.

All our extensions are available in a variety of lengths, so you are always assured of finding exactly what you need. Because we truly care about the satisfaction of our customers,

Opulence sells only 100% Remy real human hair, prized by cosmetologists, educators and extension professionals around the world. Praised for its beauty and strength, our European-quality Remy extensions are exceptionally long lasting, maintaining their softness and luxurious texture for months after lesser-quality extensions have turned dull and brittle. Although our products are the finest available on the market today, it is our exceptional customer service that sets Opulence apart from the rest. We pride ourselves on honesty, customer commitment, and guarantee your satisfaction.

We are available by phone and email to assist with your order and answer your questions. You deserve the finest professional quality hair extensions and customer service experience.