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Rebonds (Golden Rebonds)

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Our Golden Rebonds are made of a professional grade keratin protein wax. These rebonds are designed to last 8-12 weeks in the clients head. They can be used for retipping or reapplying the extension.

Unlike other rebonds that break down from the natural oils of your scalp, or that break down with acetone (often damaging to the hair), our golden rebonds break down with an alcohol based dissolvent.

We recommend using Opulence's alcohol based dissolvent to remove these bonds or any other rebond you buy from Opulence. The dissolvent breaks down the bonds quickly and doesn't damage the hair like other dissolvents. And for the price, it's well worth it.

Golden Rebonds come in packs of 50 pieces (approximately)

Brushing (single most important step):

Often: 3-4 times each day!
Ends to root of hair.
Be gentile while brushing.
Brush before and after showering. 


Towel / air dry first.
Apply a leave in conditioner, silk serum, and thermal protector.
Part off into sections and apply products to sections separately.
Dry on a cool to warm setting.


Plan on 20 – 30 min. a day to style your hair.
Use products daily.
BRUSH throughout the day! Use a flat iron or curling iron to style—helps make hair smooth. (Second most important step for care.)


Clients should braid their hair (loose braid is fine) before bedtime or before physically involved activities.

What to expect:

The extensions will be uncomfortable to sleep on the first few nights. Their hair will take longer to do in the mornings. Scalp may itch for the first few days. Extensions are a high maintenance product. Plan on extra time and care.

Full head extension placement:

TOP Sides of Head – no spaces.
(Brick Lay)
Start in mid section toward top of ears.  Use brick lay, and spaces between.
Bottom Work from the bottom up. No spaces.
Thickness OR  Depends on how many strands, and how thick the person’s hair is.

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